Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A great word from Joel, I will post my morning reading later today - it was powerful. BUT this I needed to share as well. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs "Rescue" .....
I need you Jesus, to come to my rescue ....

He is Your Rescuer

Today's Scripture
“Daniel, servant of the living God! Was your God, whom you serve so faithfully, able to rescue you from the lions?” (Daniel 6:20b).

Today's Word from Joel and Victoria
Most people won’t ever literally come face to face with a hungry lion, but we’ve all been in situations where we feel like we are about to be “eaten up” or destroyed.
Daniel lived a life of excellence and found favor with the king. The king kept promoting him and giving him more authority which made the other administrators jealous and angry. They manipulated the king into signing a law that Daniel could not follow.
Daniel prayed and still found himself in the lion’s den. How would you respond in that situation? I’m sure Daniel believed that God would deliver Him. I’m sure he hoped it would be before he was thrown into that den. Have you ever prayed and prayed for something and it looked like things just kept getting worse? Daniel trusted that God was working His plan for His glory. In the end, Daniel was protected and his enemies were destroyed.When it looks like your friends have turned on you and you are headed for the lions’ den, don’t be discouraged because God has the final say. Keep believing Him, keep trusting Him. He’s promised to never leave you or forsake you. He’ll shut the mouth of the lion; He’ll silence your accusers; He’ll stand with you in the fire, and He will lead you into victory in every area of your life.

A Prayer for Today
Father in heaven, You are my Light in dark times. I thank You for Your faithfulness and trust that You have a wonderful plan for my life. No matter how things seem, I will put my hope and trust in You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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