Sunday, October 5, 2008


Aaron and I typically attend the big church ( in the BURBS) on Saturday night, then head to the inner city church that Aaron in the lead pastor on Sunday. AS I have stated before, we are in the middle of a spiritual growth campaign, Living a Life on Loan. Earlier in the week Aaron received an email that called for all hands on deck, for as many services as possible. The Church wanted all pastors and elders to be available for prayer following the service. Wives too if possible. I was ready.

Well, we arrived a bit late and the only seats available were in the front row, middle. Which at Brookside is my typical seat - but at Northview we usually seat three rows back to the left. Anyway, the sermon was great the worship was great. ( one of my favorite songs You Never Let go) Pastor Poe talked about how what we do when we interact with people influence the opinions others have about the church. Each time we cross paths, these are intersections. He spoke about the stories we are all living, how each of our stories are important and that they can always be changed by God. I of course started to think about my story, what will my story look like in 3 months? What do I want my story to look like in 3, 4, 5 months and in a year?  How much control do I have in my story?  Am I truly the writer, or am I a reactor to the circumstances?  I tell my players often that you need to take care of what you are in control of - what exactly am I in control of?  I am in control of my health and the health of Jeremy for the next 3months. After that the book is un written, I dream and hope regarding the miracle God can perform, according to his will but until the, I must simply walk in faith.

The end of the service ended with card board signs, Pastor Poe talked about the various pan handlers that will hold up signs at street corners that tell their stories ( testimonies) in 3 lines. Then about 20 church members came forward with their testimonies on cardboard, stating the hard times faced on one side and the other side how God changed their pain and suffering into joy. I lost it. Sitting in the front row, Aaron's arm around me, I could not stop crying, I was overwhelmed by the pain these people have faced and all have come through on the other side, better, stronger, more faithful then ever. I am sure it was not a quick shift, but through their cardboard signs, I felt uplifted - regardless of our circumstances - we will come through.

At the end of the service, the Pastors and Elders were called forward to pray with others that needed to move forward. past hurts and hangups, all along I had anticipated to go forward with Aaron - but all I wanted to do was to get tot he bathroom. On my way to the bathroom, I crossed paths with another Pastors wife, we always are friendly when we see each other, but have never spent time together. She stopped me, and let me know she was on her way to find me, because she had an overwhelming sense that she needed to pray with me. We sat behind the stage and prayed. She prayed from her heart, but she also prayed from my heart. Out loud, I heard words that I have been suppressing, dealing with frustration, unfairness, and confusion. In the end, she prayed for supernatural healing and peace - such a powerful prayer. What a sense of comfort and calm following the moment behind the stage. That was a God moment, for us to intersect in a private place to share a few minutes praying.

I did finally make it to the bathroom, and when I returned, the sanctuary was empty, expect for the pastors and elders. What an unexpected happening, I was planning to be there for others and I was the one that needed to be ministered to.I thank God for preparing that intersection on my life Saturday night!
So powerful ... God is Good .... All the Time!


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