Monday, October 1, 2012

Jeremiah 29:11 Project

I was just recently introduced to this  ministry, Jeremiah29.11Project , and I am EXCITED! 

This ministry is a non-profit  (goal to become a foundation) with the desire to bless as many families as possible with the opportunity and privilege of adopting.  
Learn  more about this ministry and the founding Families:

Aaron and I plan to participate in the 3K family Fun Walk , but there is also a 5K.  Both will take place at Northveiw Church, in Carmel on Saturday October 27th.

- if you cannot run, would you consider a donation?

They are also looking for Business Sponsorship, again Jeremiah29:11 is a NOT FOR PROFIT, so it's a tax deduction!

Please forward this information to ANYONE you know that has a heart for adoption and may be interested in supporting this new ministry. 

MY heart gets so excited when I think of all the forever families that can be created with the assistance of this organization ... 


18 months & 3 months!

time is flying in the shelby home!  our boys are getting big, ever exploring and trying new things! 
xavier, 18months
 28lbs | 35"

Isaac, 3 months
16.5lbs | 25"

we are SO blessed!