Monday, October 25, 2010

a whisper

During my stay in Denver and since, I have heard a whisper of the Lord asking me to prepare a room.
More specifically to prepare a room for children.

Before I go further, we are not at this time expecting. pregnancy remains a prayer request

I think I have a bit of a feel for what Noah felt when the Lord commanded him to build the ark. He lived in a land with no visible body of water and they had never experienced rain. Noah was obedient to the Lord and spent the next 120 years building an ark. The result, when the rain came he was ready.

I have been reluctant to write about this, but I desire to have all prayer warriors to have some insight for specific prayers.

In obedience to the whisper, I will be transforming the "middle room" into a kids room. I had a vision of a crib and bunk beds in that room. Before any of that happens, I must reorganize and reevaluate the items in the room.
Overwhelmed by the work ahead of me, I began in the attic on my Birthday. Yep, making room there - so we have areas to store the items I do not re-purpose, give away, or throw out. We received an amazing blessing from dear friends and family of gift cards to Lowes. These gifts will help us to paint, create window treatments, and develop storage solutions. I am so excited to get to work on the space. So when the kids come, we will be ready.

Northview Church just completed a series called *free. I learned that I am overly concerned with how others think of me - when really I should only be concerned with how God thinks of me. "Am I not trying to win the approval of men or of God? Or and I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, i would not be a servant of CHRIST." Galatians 1:10

So the whole idea of preparing a room, for our future family seems a bit crazy in the present. ... with GOD all things are possible. I certainly do not want to miss a blessing.

I have started a private blog, writing notes to our future children. I do not know exactly how these children will come to be in our home - I only know that the Lord is doing a work in my heart and I love the feeling of being in alignment with HIM.

Exciting times lay ahead ...

Friday, October 22, 2010

mounting a comeback!

the artist in me is awakening ...
yesterday I met with two other local artists that create handmade items. We are planning a holiday open house to peddle our wares.

who are these ladies ... click on them to learn
Wendi Hull, Whimsical Dezign, handmade Handbags and Totes
Stephanie Williams, Blue Eyes and Bare Feet, Clothing and Design featuring a collection for girls created from vintage and recycled fabrics.

I was so inspired by these two ladies ... I look forward to how we are going to work collaboratively and encourage each other! What a blessing.

our open house is set for December 3rd ... details to follow, be on the look out for new designs!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today I visited Fishers High School.
More specifically I was a guest of Matt Rund, Performing Arts Department Chair /speech and drama teacher, and Speech Team Coach.
Before Matt taught at FHS, he was at North Central ... his 2nd year was my first year.

So why the visit?

Over a year ago, shortly after Matt and I became friends on Facebook, he asked for permission to use my blog/my story of Jeremy, for a script to use for a speech. I said sure.

Fast forward to last week, Matt sent me a note that he had the student that was perfect for the script would I like to come in and observe.

Honestly, I had forgotten that he had asked ... so I was surprised at the invitation. But made plans to attend class today.

So 10:30 am rolls around - so different to be visiting a school after having been a teacher for so long. My feelings were mixed, what was she going to share - how would i feel hearing someone else share my story - how would i feel hearing someone share her interpretations of my story - I was concerned about my emotions, would i even be able to hold it together.
the scripture from Joel was quite timely:
"Be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go" Joshua 1:7

With the strength of the Lord, and peace from HIM ...
I sat and observed a fantastic prose performance by a talented Senior at FHS.
She was outstanding.
Yes, it was emotional, hearing my story through another voice, my journey with Jeremy and trisomy 13 ... what a blessing.

I am so humbled that the Lord continues to use Jeremy in such a powerful manner. What an honor to be his mom.
How fitting that this weekend Pastor Poe asked us all to bear our hurts and scars to others ... reminding me that HE uses ALL things for HIS glory.
today was no exception.

i am so blessed and humbled.

And the voice of Truth says, this is for my GLORY.
More to post later today.
grace and peace

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

time to breathe

where have i been?
The end of September was filled with conferences and travel.
I must have been running on empty, because I was so blessed at each conference.
beyond my imagination.

Conference 1:
True Woman 10, Now is the Time ...
This was an amazing time to be filled with a particular focus on Pastors Wives. All the ladies that presented were new to me ... and all POWERFUL!
The only name I recognized, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, but after the conference my eyes have been opened, the veil has been lifted there are many on the journey to living as a Biblical Woman - I had no idea. check them out: TRUEWOMAN
Going into this 3 day conference, I was just moving along, working through how the transition of Aaron was going to effect me ... these 3 days, gave me the time to reflect on how my prayers, actions, and words can honor God and Aaron.
I left feeling convicted that I need to affirm Aaron more. Affirm his leadership in the home and ministry.

Conference 2:
DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative(DVULI) , Reunion - Denver Colorado
Aaron participated in this 15 month program, 1 part grad school , 1 part boot camp, 1 part retreat. DVULI, is a tuition sponsored leadership development program for urban youth workers. (DVULI) Aaron was a part of the Indianapolis City group, 2008. Every 3 years they have a Family Reunion for Graduates and spouses. The reunion is a time to reconnect and be filled with the word of God. There were fantastic daily devotions, keynote speakers, breakout sessions and FUN! We reconnected with the Indianapolis group, and made new friends from all over the nation. Imagine being surrounded by 400 other Urban Ministry Workers ... the stories and work being done across this nation - the Lord is truly up to something BIG! I had no idea the network created by DVULI!

Following the DVULI conference, Aaron and I extended our stay in Denver.
Saturday we had the chance to stay with Jeff and Kim, they have been in Denver 8 weeks. They are the process of planting a church in Denver (harvest bible). hard to believe, that Aaron and I were able to share our start up experiences with Brookside Community Church. I enjoyed spending time with Brooke (3) and TJ (1.5), their little ones.
Sunday, we headed over to Bill and Ann's ... they have been in Denver for a year and half, with their 2 girls Katelyn (9) and Allison (7) - they are soo tall! Both enjoy playing volleyball:) We vegged out at their place, had the opportunity to watch the Colts game (not the colts best showing), head to a state park for a bike ride ... and have a mountain view during dinner.

Having the time to visit with friends, fellowship was just as filling as the conferences. It was fantastic to sit and talk about life. We are so blessed to have friends that are willing to open their homes to us. Providing a time to breathe.

and now we are back, refreshed, refueled, and ready to hit the ground running in the name of the LORD!

"And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things are all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work." 2 Corinthians 9:8