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A devotion written by Aaron ... wanted to share

Devotional 12-15-2012

I’m a veteran of the US Army Reserve, and little over 10 years ago, I learned a valuable lesson during a week-long school.

A battery of assessments lead to an assessment I’ll never forget. It was called the ‘night land navigation test’. Each cadet had to utilize their tools of a compass, map and the knowledge of their personal pace count to measure ground distance to find predetermined points. Now, earlier that day I had passed the ‘day land navigation test’ scoring a 7 out of 7 by locating various points on a map and walking the forest to those destinations. But, this next challenge required walking through the forest... at night! And for me this was really scary, it was emotionally hard. Question after question came to mind like rain drops on the roof of a house. What was waiting for me beyond the tree line!? What if a bear attacks me and I die!!? What if I walk into quick sand and nobody ever finds me again!!!?  I was freaking out (on the inside). 

As the sun went down and darkness set in on the camp I felt my anxiety level rising, but then my drill sergeant's words hit home. He kept saying trust your tools and remember your training. That's what I needed to hear. By trusting my tools and remembering my training I was able to overcome the questions bombarding my mind and the anxiety overwhelming my heart. 

Each of us will continue to come up against challenges. God’s truth is the shield we need to overcome the unexpected or the intentional attacks or the irrational that comes to us from within and from without.

“His truth shall be your shield and buckler” (Psalm 91:4b).

Our tools are found in a relationship with God and the Scriptures. These will be what we need when circumstances require that we walk through the forest at night.

Pray for Sandy Hook Elementary and the entire Newtown community.

Aaron Shelby
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