Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the final countdown

Our JuneBug will be here Monday June 18th, via C-Section.
The placenta did move, but is still considered low-lying, therefore the c-section is the safest for me and JuneBug. We are scheduled for 11:30am, prayers welcome!

I continue to move "slowly" through the to-do list and spending special time with Xavier.
We set up the 2nd crib in the boys room this weekend and put the fabulous bedding in place ....

The bedding was made by 2LittleFish, putting poverty to bed ... read more: twolittlefishblog.blogspot.com/

We had our final appointment with the DR today, all looks good ... & was told to "take it easy", easier said then done with an active 14 month old! ... 6 days and counting! We look forward to posting and introducing our JUNEBUG - next week:)


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Alicia Burdick said...

So excited for you, Beth! My brother's birthday is Monday, so I will for sure remember this day! Praying for you...can't wait to see pics!!!! Love, Alicia