Thursday, February 24, 2011

GRACE & updates

grace: HIS unmerited favor ...

Oh how HIS GRACE flows over me.
The outpouring from those around, known & unknown, to help in building our adoption fund can only be due to HIS AMAZING GRACE!

There is NOTHING I have done to deserve this amazing blessing, masked in financial help ... I am so unworthy of the help that is pouring over us now. Only because of what Jesus did for me and you, am I able to accept these gifts, blessings ... my heart is humbled over & over.

I am so thankful to be offering the double blessing bracelets, as a way to offer something in return to building our adoption fund. It is my prayer that as our family is blessed, we will be positioned to pay the blessing forward. Bracelets can be ordered & purchased through the pay pal button to the right.

Tuesday 2/22, Double Blessing Bracelets available to purchase in Capstone Cafe at Northview Church
Thursday 2/24, we have officially retained an Attorney for our adoption
Friday 2/25 (tomorrow) Aaron and I are meeting the Expectant Mom, we will have some paperwork to be signed demonstrating our intent and her intent for this little boy (DUE APRIL 4th)

Please pray that this process will continue to bring glory to God our Father, through all things HIS name will be praised.



The Oppold Family: said...

He is moving and it's SO powerful and wonderful. I'm thankful He chose YOU to move through:) Only His best for you from NOW on:)prayers.

MJH said...

Through Him all things are possible! I am so excited for both you; you are going to be awesome parents

Go Mom Go said...

Hey Mare -
I have a friend who wants to donate. Their paypal is not working on here. Has anyone else had difficulties?