Friday, January 30, 2009

When we HAVE to wait

In 2007 I read the bible through for the first time ever in one year, that was great! I had a one year bible that had daily readings along with some insight. What was special about that bible, it was also in chronological order - so for example when I got to the stories with David, there were Psalms along with the stories. I really enjoyed that year of reading, each reading / devotion took between 10-20 min. I had also give the same bible to my younger sister, so we were reading together - COOL right. YES! Last year , 2008, I got the Power of a Praying Woman Bible, by Stormie Omartian - going through that bible in one year was different, she has filled the bible with various prayers, going deeper studies, devotions from her heart, and many more areas that direct a reader to look for prayers and promises. For 2008 it was perfect. I did not get a "new" bible this year for 2009, instead I was prompted to go back through Stormies Bible - the prayers and insights continue to guide and direct me in His word. And I am certainly in a different life place starting 2009 then 2008.

I wanted to share my reading / "Going Deeper"
"After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision: ' Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward,' But Abram said, "O Sovereign Lord, what can you give me since I remain childless and the one who will inherit my estate is Eliezer of Damascus?' " Genesis 15:1-2
from Stormie:
Can't you hear the exasperation in Abram's voice? " God, I appreciate you are my shield and reward. That's great and all. Don't think I don't appreciate it, but ... what I really want is for You to fulfill your promise of descendants. Let's get on with that promise about becoming a 'great nation', I want a SON! "
Abram had been waiting a long time. God had promised many descendants to Abram back when he was 75 years old (12:4) He would be 100 years old when Isaac was finally born (21:5). that means Abram and Sarai waited 25 years for God to fulfill His promise.
We don't know how long Abram had already been waiting at this point in the story, but the Bible tells us he was 86 when Ishmael was born (16:16), so we can guess that this exchange between God and Abram occurred sometime in the first decade after God made the promise.
How long do you patiently wait for answers to your prayers? Does a week seem too long to wait? What about a month? Waiting for a year seems to be beyond out ability. To see that Abram waited for a quarter of a century for an answer should give us hope to wait for our own prayers to be answered.
Abram could have given up. He could have decided that he didn't want to wait on God anymore (He did eventually make a mess a of things when he tried to fulfill Gods promise on his own by having a child with Hagar) At this point in the story, however, he choose to believe. IF only he has continued to hang on to that belief.
What answers from God are you waiting for? Is it the answer to a prayer for the return of a rebellious child? Is it the answer to a prayer for the salvation of family members? It is the answer to a prayer for the restoration in your marriage? For a job? for healing? For provision? Whatever it is, keep on praying and waiting. Release it into God's hands and let Him do it in His way and His time. His answer will be worth the wait.

Why share this section - I am one of those waiting.
Which is quite amazing that I recognise where I am - I have never been one to wait. I choose do most things on my own because I do not wait for help (or sometimes not ask for help) But in 2001 when I became a True Christian, I can look back now and see how God has given me the ability to wait -waiting on God to do His work in me and around me.
Aaron and I were married in 2005, I was 32, in my mind I should have been married before I was 30 ... When we began to actively work to conceive, I was ready month 1, it took 16. And now again, we are waiting for God to bless us with a family on earth. We are waiting for my body to heal and our hearts to be mend.
I have found that often there is a large amount of hurt when waiting. But with that hurt comes great comfort. If I did not have that hurt, I would not need to lean on God and His Kingdom. He is teaching me great things - looking over the past few months I see how I can be a better servant of the kingdom, a better wife, friend and sister. Imagine how many more blessings there are then I can actually see. I know I am limited in my sight - there is a reason greater then I can understand for this times to wait. I am very thankful for the limited insight that I have, it helps me continue to wait.

LORD, I will continue to wait patiently and expectantly for your will to be done.



Rebecca said...

This is beautiful, Beth. Your attitude is inspiring!

artmother said...

This struck a cord with me Beth, so I had to comment. Waiting has been the way I have described so much of my life. I know the waiting is hard and painful when your heart is aching. I also know the joy of having that same heart filled when the wait is over. I know you will know that joy too.