Monday, January 5, 2009

The Kingdom Working

This was put together by our Awesome Life Group ....

Our Brookside church pastor, Aaron Shelby, and his wife Beth welcomed Jeremiah Parker Shelby January 4th then released him to be with Jesus approximately one hour later.....Due to the financial cost of a funeral, two different options have been set up for friends and family to contribute to the family....
1. Memorial Fund * ALL Donations will go directly to the Shelby Family to cover funeral expenses. If the financial blessing outweighs the cost, the remaider of the proceeds will be forwarded to the trisomy 13 charity of the parents choice. * Donations are being accepted at all FORUM CREDIT UNION branches. Just go into the branch and give them jeremy's name and tell them it is for a memorial fund....After the funeral services...all money will be released to the Shelby's so please make your contributions prior to that date. All donations will be anonymous. Here is a link of all their locations... You must copy and paste this link
2. Fashionthropic T-Shirt in memory of Jeremiah has been designed and about Half of the total cost goes directly to the shelby's to help them cover expenses...This is a GREAT way to help out and have an item to remember him by.....check out the link

We will be posting arrangements when they are set, thank you ALL!



Go Mom Go said...

The shirts are awesome.
They give me so many ideas.

What a blessing.

ibdawnk said...

Stan and I are praying for you during this time. Know that you are being lifted up each moment you come to mind (which is often).
Dawn and Stan Killebrew

Keithy said...

Hey Arron. This is your cousin Keithy. I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and also praying for you and yours. God Bless!

Keithy Schaffer