Tuesday, January 13, 2009


During our celebration of Jeremiah we shared the BEAUTIFUL slide show of images that our special photographer captured during the hour we shared with our son. Have some tissue and enjoy. www.jessicarstrickland.com/blog/

The photographer, Jessica Strickland is simply amazing, she has a true gift to capture life in still images. We are very blessed that she was able to spend time with us. She is the same photographer that took the maternity pictures in November. The images are amazing!



Sheri said...

I wish I could have stayed for the ceremony, but know that I certainly was with you in spirit. I watched the slideshow this afternoon and didn't make it past the second picture before it all came out. They are beautiful photos and she did a great job of capturing all the emotions of Jeremy's lifetime. Thank you for wanting to share, it is a gift for all of us. Love and dimes!

BlondesPoopMascara.blogspot.com said...

Jessica's talent for capturing more than just images through her photography has always impressed me. What's most examplarary about her gift to you guys is her heart behind the work. [Ah]

Alicia Burdick said...

I'm so glad that you shared this slideshow with your bloggers, Beth. Sonya had told me how much he looked like you and I so wanted to see him for myself! Thank you for letting us all share in this moment. Your heart is bigger than anyone I know. This was simply the most beautiful and touching slideshow I have ever witnessed. Jessica captured your "angel on earth" and we can all cherish him.

Jess Strickland :) said...

I'm soo glad you love it, Beth! I love you guys and am soo blessed to know you and be inspired and uplifted by you! It was my honor to be able to capture your sweet, wonderful son! I will never forget him!