Thursday, January 1, 2009



2009 .... wow '08 went so fast.
Being pregnant for 39 of the 52 weeks in the year certainly added to the 2008 experience.

Aaron and I sat and marveled at all the wonderful blessings we have received this past year.

Urban Ministry and Brookside Community Church continues to thrive.
Aaron graduated from the DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative, the Diversity Leadership Academy and was Ordained in August.

For me ... my biggest blessing, Jeremy. He has taught me that I have a pretty amazing support system that has been placed around me ... and that it is Gods plan for me to receive help and support. I reflect back on how independent I have always been, I always want to do things myself and receive a measure of satisfaction when I am able to complete whatever the task on my own. (yard work, fixing things around the house, well, most manual labor jobs) This year I have had to go outside myself and receive help from those that God has placed in my life. And I have this feeling .. this is just the start. Receive help from "outside" the family is a big one too ... typically when I needed something one of my sisters, my Mother or my Father could help me. I have found that there have been some very amazing people with special gifts and talents that have been placed in my life - I am no longer as apprehensive to ask for help or to seem weak if I need help. This the the kingdom at work. GLORY!

We look forward to all that God has planned for the upcoming year ...
to quote GranDaddy (Aaron's Father)
"Hit the ground running in the name of the Lord! "


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The Amsler Family said...

Great post...Love to you, Hope you are feeling well...Can't wait to meet him.... :)