Saturday, January 24, 2009


From God Calling:
Your Great Reward
You pray for faith, and you are told to do so. But I make provision in the House of My Abiding for those who turn towards Me and yet have weak knees and hearts that faint. Be not afraid. I am your God. Your Great Reward. Yours to look up and say, "All is well."
I am your Guide. Do not want to see the road ahead. Go just one step at a time. I very rarely grant the long vista to My disciples, especially in personal affairs, for one step at a time is the best way to cultivate Faith.
You are in uncharted waters. But the Lord of all Seas is with you, the Controller of all Storms is with you. Sing with joy. You follow the Lord of Limitations, as well as the God in whose service is perfect freedom.
He, the God of the Universe, confined Himself with in the marrow limits of a Baby-from and, in growing Boy-hood, and young Manhood, submitted to your human limitations, and you have to learn that your vision and power, boundless as far as spiritual things are concerned, must in temporal affairs submit to limitations too.
But I am with you. It was when the disciples gave up effort after a night of fruitless fishing, that I came, and the nets broke with the overabundance of supply.

WHY did this speak to me ... I will try to explain
Yesterday, I went for a walk (it was nice outside, today it is in single digits!) and I listened to a podcast, Greg Boyd - Woodland Hills Church in Minneapolis ... the title was "Mary" it was a sermon delivered on the 21st of December. He spoke about when Gabriel came to Mary and told her that God had selected her to be the portal for Him to enter the world ... The angel of the Lord expresses that Mary was "highly favored" Pastor Boyd went on to describe the life that Mary and Joesph faced - none displaying the idea of what would be perceived as favor - over and over there was nothing in the life of Mary as a mother that seemed to show any type of favor. Well, favor by the standards of the world. This mother became pregnant before being with a man, gave birth to her first child in a dirty barn, watched as her son was ridiculed, beaten, and crucified. Nothing that would make her feel favored - until three days later when her son over came death and then 40 days later when the Holy Spirit filled the Church - so as I consider my journey - As a believer in Jesus Christ - I am favored and I trust that even in my current trial Good is happening. Not always for me to see YET - but as I continue to trust God and say yes to His call - I will one day understand. Just like Mary did. Pastor Boyd went on to state that we all need to be Mary's - we all have a calling on our lives and it is up to us to say yes and follow.
KNOWING that that does not mean a smooth journey, but there could be bumps, twists and turns that seem unbearable. But trusting that God will see us through. HE IS SO GOOD! Which is why we can say with loud voices "ALL IS WELL"

Please continue to pray for Aaron and I - as we begin to pray about future pregnancy's and more children. Medically, we have an extremely low chance of any genetic problems occurring. We continue to trust God and his plan for our lives and our family.




What an awesome message! You remain in our prayers!

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