Saturday, January 17, 2009


Continue trusting God with your needs and desires. He will make a way for your to do the things you think you can't, meet the demands that seem impossible, and reap the rewards for a job well done. Luci Swindoll, Irrepressible Hope Devotional

The statement above is from a Journal a friend gave me in October, it is filled with short devotions in the corners along with scripture - the next page ... "Trust in the Lord with all your heart ... and He shall direct your paths" Proverbs 3:5-6

I do write in a journal -- I started the day we came home from the hospital without Jeremy. I write the notes to Jeremy and God. Fill him in on the day before and what the day ahead may hold.

Today I wrote about missing my routine of going to school. And wondering what is in store for the next few months. Then I read in my God Calling Devotion:

Silence. Be silent before Me. Seek to know, and then to do. My will in all things.
Abide in My Love, an atmosphere of loving understanding to all men. This is your part to carry out, and then I surround you with a protective screen that keeps all evil from you. It is fashioned by your own attitude of mind, words, and deeds towards others.
I want to give you all things, good measure, pressed down and running over. Be quick to learn. You know little yet of the Divine Impatience which longs to rush to give. Does one worrying thought enter your mind, one impatient thought? Fight it at once.
Love and Trust are the solvents for the worry and cares and frets of a life. Apply them at once. You are channels and though the channel may not be altogether blocked, fret and impatience and worry corrode, and in time would become beyond your help. Persevere, oh! persevere. Never lose heart. All is well.

my prayer: Dear Lord, continue to walk with me daily. Open my ears and heart to hear your voice in all I do. Go before me in all things, providing strength and comfort. We thank you for the many blessings we receive today and turn them over to you with praise and thanksgiving. Continue to comfort my heart, and trust you always. All is well. In Jesus' name. Amen.

The last line is the best - All is well. I trust that God has that plan set out, and I will work to hear his voice for direction. not often do we have a chance to simply be still and listen. What an opportunity.
Tonight our Life Group resumes, we are reading Crazy Love .... Aaron and I looked up the website ... Turns out the author, Francis Chen, is a guy that Aaron has listened to his podcasts, he is the Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley CA. He has a great speaking voice and strong message, I will be adding him to my list of sermon podcasts. All along, I thought this was a woman - silly me:)

Also, yesterday (on the coldest day in 12 years!) We confirmed spring break plans. We will be heading to North Captiva Florida ... you maybe familiar with the Fort Myers area, Sanibel and Caprtiva ... North Captiva it is a small island with beautiful homes and no cars. Sounds like a great getaway! My sisters family went last year, this year the whole family is going. (My parents along with both sisters families) We have three months to get into "bathing suit" shape ...

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Mommymeepa said...

That sounds like wonderful spring break plans and like a great time of bonding for your family. I am so happy that all of you will be able to go. Can I be adopted into your family so I can go? :-) Still prayign for you all.