Monday, December 15, 2008

Speak what you Seek

Declare what is to be .... Isaiah 45:21
Precious Heavenly Father, today I commit the words of my mouth to You. I determine to speak Your thoughts of victory over my life and the lives of those around me. Help me stay focused on Your Word today, knowing that You have promised that I can do all things with You on my side. Amen.

Yesterday was the final shower with the girls ... what a fun day. It was so nice to see everyone ... and of course receive encouragement ( and multiple pampering items!) One of my friend made a scrapbook of this blog. She printed off all the posts, pictures and even added embellishments - WOW! IT is really cool. She even provided extra pages, knowing that I would be writing more. Another friend made a rag blanket (she actually brought it over last week so we could take it to the hospital ... but she is adding quilt squares. Each guest wrote on a square and she will add them to the quilt. Her hope is to have the blanket done before we go to the hospital, but regardless it is very cool!

Following the shower, most of the girls came over to my house and wrote on Jeremy's walls. They are getting filled ... almost to the point that Aaron and I are not sure about painting over the walls ... Maybe that is just Aaron not wanting to paint:) We have taken pictures of the walls, and I think maybe we should also write everything down. Jeremy is so loved - that is overwhelming ... in a good way.

So again, I started this post early in the day ... and now I am home from the Doctor. The appointment went well. Heartbeat good, size good ... cervix not ready. Which is fine with me. Actually, it is just starting to lengthen and I go back next Monday (38 weeks) and we will see what is up then. Pleasantly, Jeremy has been active today. There are no more worries about the fluid levels and now we just wait for Jeremy to be ready and my body to do what it is made for.

The school day went well, my students can be so great:) This is how teachers remember classes, even if everyday is not wonderful - at the end of the semester if they are considerate, helpful and on task - that is what we remember. They were today. Maybe they missed me last week?? :)

Anyway, I am ready for a nap - I know I will finish the school semester strong! Thank you again for all the prayers - know that you all are covered in prayer as well!



The Vang Family said...

Hi Beth! I'm praying for you, Aaron and Jeremy. :) Love, Becky Vang and family

Hoosier Hoffmans said...

Isn't the family of God amazing?! I don't know how people go through life without brothers and sisters in Christ. I know I certainly wouldn't want to. Praise God that your fluid levels are good! I get so much joy out of watching my little guy move around in my belly, too! :o)