Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Body!

The Body of Christ is simply amazing!

last night our house was filled with friends and family - all brothers and sisters in Christ. One of Aaron's co-worker hosted a gathering for Aaron and I, it was supposed to be at a different location - but we ended up having everyone to our house. I love a full house. What was a little different - I did not do "ANYTHING" i sat on my keister while friends brought in and set up great food ( Aaron's co-worker is a pretty amazing cook) then listened while the kitchen was cleaned following the event. That is certainly the way to host a gathering ... :) Last night the walls in Jeremy's room were filled with scripture, words of Love and encouragement. I read through last night and look forward to doing it again today. Similar to Wednesday night, it is humbling to witness all the love and support of Jeremy.

Today, Aaron will go to school with me to help prepare for next week - finals. It is very helpful that he used to work in the same building .... that is a blessing! He can be my legs.

wheew - what a day:) I started this post early today (7 am) and now it is 5:30 pm.

After spending the first half of the day sitting on the couch writing thank you notes, Aaron and I went to school. We spent about an hour and a half getting the finals ready, grading some papers and making copies ... as well as assessing the state of my class rooms. It is always nice to have a sub that leaves a nice note - that my classes all worked and were polite. The rooms were also pretty tidy, considering they are Art Studios. I am ready to return on Monday. Aaron ran the copies needed and checked my mail box, twice. He was really my legs.

Then we headed to Lowes for "carmel" paint. Aaron will begin with priming the walls Monday and then hopefully be done painting Wednesday. The room right now is red, winnie the pooh shirt red - so it may be a task to cover the paint. The guy at Lowes helped us out, and I feel confident that we will be successful.

The remainder of the evening will be spent watching basketball and a movie ... just resting. Tomorrow is the final shower, I am looking forward to seeing the girls, it wail be another fun day. What a whirlwind of showers, 3 in 6 days. But very wonderful, to be around great people of the Kingdom.


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