Monday, December 8, 2008

rest and wait

Bluntly: the fluid levels did not go up, in fact we are lower today then last Monday. But not enough to induce today. We go back Wednesday to check again. There is the possibility we will be admitted this week to induce labor. Or Check again Friday.

This was not the news Aaron and I wanted to hear, and we are trying to keep things in perspective. Our special nurse was available to talk today after our appointment - that made a huge difference. She did let us know that the next few days, weeks etc would be much tougher then the last few months. I shed a number of tears in that office today.

We completed our birth plan, and our bags will be packed tonight. We are both not exactly sure what God is teaching us right now - and how this experience will be used by Him, but we will continue to trust and walk in His Light.

I will take Tuesday and Wednesday off from work - then see what is in store for the reminder of the week. We are in a rest, wait and see mode. In a typical pregnancy I would be put on bed rest and not be allowed to work, we are in a different situation - with the T13, we will proceed day to day from here on out.


Sheri said...

God is teaching you patience and faith! You are doing AWESOME! Love and dimes!

Hoosier Hoffmans said...

We are continuing to pray for you. As you "wait upon the Lord," may He renew your strength!