Sunday, December 21, 2008

38 weeks!

We are 38 weeks today! How awesome is that. PRAISE GOD!
Friday night our life group gathered, and all the ladies said I was still getting bigger (this is the first time in my life that getting bigger is s good thing). We all saw each other at the start of the week ... what a blessing that Jeremy continues to grow and move.

We see the DR tomorrow and see if there is any indication of Jeremy and my body preparing for birth ... I know with a first child that can sometimes take time. Which is actually okay. I truly enjoy being pregnant - this I can do. Of course the next step is off into the unknown, and that is why my special nurse says that if I could I would stay pregnant forever:)

I am getting ready to head down to Brookside for our annual Christmas dinner, I opted not to go for the church service and the super long day. But will meet Aaron about 12. Then spend the time sitting - I hope. Yesterday was Share The Blessing - the children in the Brookside Community were blessed with Christmas gifts from the families of Northview Christian Life. This was an amazing day ( that I only heard about this year, as I did not go). I am not sure who feels the stronger blessing ... the giver or the receiver. Why not Both! Over the 3 years that Aaron and I have been involved with the Brookside Community each year it gets better and better - sharing the love of Christ is empowering. A number of the Northview families have decided to come along side the Brookside Families - they offer support with out enabling a continued life of need. What a special way to grow the Kingdom!

have a blessed day ... we see the Dr @ 1pm tomorrow.


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