Friday, February 20, 2009

Take it to Him

This morning all my readings lined up together - sometimes they are apparent, other times I have to search.

from God Calling:
Claim Your Rights
In everything by prayer and supplication let your requests be made known unto God."
but do not beg. Rather come just as a business manager bringing to the owner the needs, checks to be signed, etc., and knowing that to lay the matter before him means immediate supply.
I long to supply, but by asking - or the faith assurance from you, is necessary, because to you that contact with Me is vital.

In my bible reading, I am at the point in Deuteronomy (3:23-25) where Moses knows he is not going to get to enter the Promised Land, but desperately longs to enter the Land. God provides him a glimpse, that is it. Moses' heart desire is to enter the land and he prays to God. This is the reminder that even when we pry for something we may not get exactly what we want, exactly the way we want it. But that can not stop us from praying to God our hearts desire. After praying - we must thank God for accomplishing His perfect will in our lives. We must tell Him and BELIEVE that we trust His answer is best.

My hearts desire was to have Jeremy for MANY MANY years on earth, God knows my heart. He knows that handing my son right back has wounded me to the core. But I thank him for the 71 min, that I was able to hold my precious son, that was my glimpse. I must trust and believe in His answer - I do not have to understand - I do not need to understand.
God knows my heart, but I will still bring my requests to Him. I lay out my continued desire to have more children with Aaron. I desire to raise children to know our Lord here on earth. I pray my desires are pleasing to God - in the name of Jesus.


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