Monday, February 9, 2009

So Much

Where I have been ... Aaron was hording the computer all weekend:) Well, we has doing work. When he prepares a message for Sunday he has quite a set up with his laptop and the "wired" computer when he writes, so I was not able to blog all weekend ... but the final message was GREAT:)

When Aaron writes, I try to leave the house - otherwise I interrupt him constantly. I was able to see three of my nephews play basketball on Saturday - 2nd grade, 4th grade and 6th grade. 6th grade boys are tall, quick and look like some of my high school students! Hopefully on the next few weekends I will make it out to see my high school players on their club teams. Basketball is NOT my sport of choice ... and I have had sometime to think about the upcoming volleyball season. So I am anxious to see how all the girls are doing.

My bible reading has moved my out of Genesis into Exodus. The three times that I have been through this book I have always either just come through something or I am in the the midst of a trial - regardless just Like God does - the timing is perfect. (Am I really surprised?) I like reading that when God first called Moses he questioned God. And argued with God the he was not "worthy" to go talk with Pharaoh or lead the Israelites out. Which is a HUGE task ...
From Stormie: The task however, was NOT too much for the One who assigned it. God's reply to Moses was, "I will be with you." that was all Moses needed. The exact details of how this miracle would be accomplished weren't revealed to Moses at that time. He was to walk by faith, resting in the assurance that God's presence was truly all he required. The same is true for you. The question to ask is not "Who am I?" but "Who is with me?" If God is with you, you have all you need.
Many times in my life, and many many times over my pregnancy I would question why me, and how can this be used by God. Am I strong enough ... and so on and so on. When I finally realized that NO I am not strong enough, but God is - then I was able to move through my days and continue to take one step at a time. Once I removed the focus from ME - this burden was much lighter. I ask for strength everyday, my heart needs constant support. But in the grand scheme of it all, doesn't everyone. We are all fragile beings, crated by God for God.

Aaron and I watched a POWERFUL DVD that a dear friend sent in the mail. ( she watched it with her Sunday school class the day Jeremy was born ... coincidence NO!) How Great is Our God, yes this is the title of a Chris Tomlin song - and he is part of this tour. The speaker: Louie Giglio, from Atlanta - and shared just how amazing our Creator is.
From the sleeve:
Your life is a miracle, and the Creator of the universe knows you by name. HE's big enough to breathe out stars, yet intricate enough to fashion together the trillions of cells that make up every facet of who you are. The God who spoke the universe into existence made you, too, and knows everything about you. From the smallest molecule to the situation you find yourself in right now, He's aware of your circumstances and intimately acquainted with everything you do. And He cares about you and promises to carry you through.
That's where we find hope in the midst of the darkest places in life. The journey is often complicated and painful, filled with confusion and chaos. Yet, the cross of Christ reveals God's promise to preserve and restore you no matter what the circumstance. He will hold onto you and hold you together, giving strength to those who hope in His unfailing love.
He is the everlasting God!
After we watched the video, we just sat. I had tears running down my face and we were hardly able to talk. Still now, it is hard to explain the power of the message and just how much God loves us. (loves me!)
Thank you Friend for sharing such an awesome message ... more about Louie and the Passion Talk Series can be found on their website :

So to ties this all up - my reading from God Calling this weekend was equally as powerful ...
On Me Alone
I am your Lord, your Supply. You must rely on Me. Trust to the last uttermost limit. Trust and be not afraid. You must depend on Divine Power only. I have not forgotten you. Your help is coming. You shall know and realize My Power.
Endurance is faith tried almost to the breaking point. You must wait, and trust, and hope, and joy in Me. You must not depend on man but on Me - on Me, your Strength, your Help, your Supply.
This is the great test. Am I your supply or not? Every great work for Me has had to have this great test-time.
Possess your souls in patience and rejoice. you must wait until I show the way. Heaven itself cannot contain more joy then that soul knows, when, after the waiting-test, I crown it Victor, but no disciple of Mine can be victor, who does not wait until I give the order to start. You cannot be anxious if you know that I am your supply.

God is good, I continue on step by step, hour by hour and day by day - God is my supply.


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