Friday, February 6, 2009

God's Longing

from God Calling:
To the listening ear I speak, to the waiting heart I come. Sometimes, I may not speak. I may ask you merely to wait in My presence, to know that I am with you.
Think of the multitudes who thronged Me when I was on Earth, all eager for something. Eager to be healed or taught or fed.
Think as I supplied their many wants, and granted their manifold requests, what it meant to Me, to find amid the crowd, some one or two, who followed Me just to be near Me, just to dwell in My Presence. How some longing of the Eternal Heart was satisfied thereby.
Comfort Me, a while, by letting Me know you would seek Me just to dwell in My Presence, to be near Me, not even for teaching, not for material gain, not even for a message - but for Me. The longing of the human heart to be loved for itself is something caught from the Great Divine Heart.
I bless you. Bow your heads.

God longs just to be with us - the creator of the universe, longs to be with me. He LONGS for us.

LONGING FOR: also means: eager, wishing for, keen, hoping for, wanting ... It is hard for me to imagine our God yearns for us to want to be with Him. He created us and then gave us each free will to choose Him.

This week I was meeting with some friends and the topic of how children would approach Jesus came up. They would come to him freely and with out any need other then to be with Him. In contrast the adults approached Jesus because they needed something, they needed something from Him to believe in Him. The children were simply drawn to Him, with out a need except to be.The way children flocked to Jesus, just to be - that is the longing He has for us today. I think about my time of being still, and have a new view - Because Of Jeremy (BOJ) - I have time to draw near to God. I have a heart to simply BE with Him.

This morning Aaron and I talked about many of the Because of Jeremy experiences we have heard about and witnessed over the past few months. So if you have a BOJ story, please share with us - we are so encouraged by all the ways Jeremy has touched our world. You can email if you want:


Go Mom Go said...

cant wait to hear all the stories...hmmm a book?

The Amsler Family said...

BOJ....i love deeper...i appreciate the blessing of being a mother instead of focusing on the little irritations that come throughout my day...he truly did change my parenting....i am a better friend...have better relationships in my life group and with you...god bless you jeremy

artmother said...

BOJ - I too have different relationships with those I love. I spend more time with my daughter, holding her (as if that was possible) loving her, playing with her, just being with her. I also have renewed my own faith in God Because of Jeremy and Because of Beth and Aaron. The birth of my little one made me believe again but your family has made my faith stronger. BOJ I see God working in all I do.