Thursday, February 5, 2009


my daily reading has brought me to Joseph's story ... Genesis 37
I read the account of Joseph being sold by his brothers.
stormies prayer: God, remind me that even when life seems unfair and things don't turn out like I expect, You have a plan for my life, and it is good.
Reading on, Genesis 39 Joseph and Potiphar's wife ... and he is placed in prison. Where again, we are taught the Lord was with him ...
stormies prayer: Heavenly Father, I thank You for the favor You show to those who love, obey, and serve You. Thank you for being with me and making the things I do prosper.

I cannot help but imagine how terrible the circumstances of Josephs life were. Through it all he maintained a close walk with the Lord - through good and bad. He was not kept from trouble, but God was with him right through it. This is still true today. God does not keep up from trouble - but will be with us, and bring us right through. In each circumstance Joseph came out on the other end in a better position them before. All of his experiences allowed him to be placed in a position to help his family. I can only begin to imagine what the Lord has planned for me - there are new things moving in my life right now - I am not ready to share details - but these opportunities would not be available if I currently had a child or if I were teaching daily. For this season, I am able to work for the Kingdom in ways I have not been able to serve - for that I can be thankful.
I pray that I can be obedient and serve him fully. I will continue to listen for God in my heart concerning how to proceed with opportunities and my roll in this adventure.
What a model of walking with God Joseph creates for us.

Finally ... if you are in the INDY area, you must got to Capstone, the coffee house/bookstore at Northview Christian Life Church ( to purchase the CD released by the North Beach Worship team - completely amazing!


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