Tuesday, February 24, 2009

pray big

Joshua 10: 1-15 ... The sun stands still!
No one could accuse Joshua of lacking boldness in prayer. He ordered the sun and moon to stand still. And they did! The sundial stopped at noon and did not start again until the following noon. God added an extra day. God's people were fighting a battle in His name, and darkness would have prevented the army of Israel from wrapping up the victory. The God who created the sun and the moon, light and darkness, could easily suspend the natural process for His purposes. The lesson we can draw from this is that we should pray BIG. Too often we ask too small because we don't believe God can or will do that much. We lose our boldness by dwelling on all the reasons why He might not answer our prayers. But Joshua shows us how to reach for the sun. He prayed outlandishly! Joshua wasn't proving he was in command, he was letting God display His awesome power.

prayer "Lord, teach me not to limit You with small prayers! Give me the faith to pray big!"


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