Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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Turn Away From Discouraging Voices


"And David turned away from Eliab..."
(I Samuel 17:30, AMP)

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

When David was a shepherd boy, his father asked him to take lunch to his brothers out on the battlefield. When he arrived, he heard Goliath taunting and challenging the people of God. David asked the men standing around, “What is the prize for defeating this giant?” They said, “The reward is one of the king’s daughters in marriage and no more taxes.” That got David’s attention. He knew this was a battle worth fighting.

When David’s older brother, Eliab, heard him talking about fighting the giant, he tried to embarrass him. In front of all those men Eliab said, “David, what are you doing out here? And what have you done with those few sheep our father left you with?” He tried to make him feel small. He was saying, “David, you’re not important. You’ll never do anything great.” But I love the way David responded. The Scripture says that David turned and walked away from Eliab. I believe one of the main reasons that David was a champion is because he knew which battles to fight. He knew to turn away from discouraging voices so he could focus his energy on the real battle.

Today, what are the discouraging voices coming against you? Choose to turn away from those distractions so you can turn toward the victory God has in store for you!


Father God, I humbly come to You today releasing all my cares and concerns and focusing on the plan You have for me. Help me to turn away from the discouraging voices so that I can walk in the victory You have for me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

For me, the discouraging voice is in MY OWN HEAD! As I move into working fully with Aaron, resulting in choices that will eventually effect the family we anticipate - I hear on a regular basis the committee in my head. But with God, He is the only way to work out those voices. He is the one that allows me to move past those voices and they become faint. - less audible. I am so very thankful that I live with a mighty vessel of the Lord - Aaron is amazing. I am able to share my fears and the thoughts in my head ... he directs me to the Word ... and helps me discern the voice of God in my heart, how blessed am I that I have married such a great man. As Aaron reminds me, he was prepared by the Lord for me:)

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