Tuesday, June 23, 2009


This weekend snuck up on Aaron. He was not expecting the feelings and emotions of Father's Day to have an impact on him. I could have warned him, but it was best to simply let it unfold. He was working on his sermon for Sunday, the final in a series called "Triple Threat" one that he planned specifically to end on Father's Day with a special word to Fathers. As he worked, he was agitated and went for a long walk Saturday afternoon, then after the Northview service, before going to Life Group - he mentioned to me "I am having a hard time today". I smiled and said "I know - do you want to talk more?" We did when we got to the car - he shared with me his feelings regarding the short time he knew Jeremy. And the waves that grief rolls through. I am so blessed to have a husband that can share his feelings, honest and raw. It was helpful to me, because 6 weeks ago with Mother's Day - I was there. One more opportunity to see how God has pulled us together.
Aaron felt connected to Jesus this weekend ... he shared this scripture with me:
... a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Isaiah 53:3

The weekend was a reminder that there are going to be twists and turns on our journey, as well as the straight a ways. We remain rooted and steadfast in the Word. Thankfully, knowing and understanding that we are not the driver - and God has a good and perfect plan for each of us.
I am amazed how everyday God grows my love for Aaron. What a blessing.

My Devotion Yesterday from God Calling
Go forward fearlessly.
Do not think about the Red Sea that lies ahead. Be very sure that when you come to it the waters will part and you will pass over to your promised land of freedom.

I am wrestling in my mind - walking my own walk or walking in obedience ... my own walk is very familiar ... obedience is unknown. Moses chose to walk in obedience, right up to the raging Red Sea and he trusted the deliverance of God. Moses had to see what was up ahead, but he continued forward.
My Prayer: Lord thank you for your love and guidance. Build in me the courage and strength to be obedient to you. To follow your will placed by you in my soul to do the good works you have prepared in advance for me. Help me Lord - to walk in faithful trust of your plan. Right now, Lord be with me, comfort my mind silence the voices that are not yours. Thank you Lord that you know what I need before I ask - thank you Lord that you go before me in all things. In your son's precious name, Jesus, I thank you Lord. AMEN.


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Rae Nolt said...

I'm sorry for your pain! Sunday was hard on my husband too. I prayed that God would heal his pain for losing our baby. Praying for your family too!

Your posts are so real...love them!