Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even Jesus!

Yesterday I was feeling like a "loser" in my inability to follow the Lord obediently ... then while mowing the lawn and listening to a podcast ( Greg Boyd, Woodland Hills Church) he pointed out this scripture:
Although he was a son, he learned obedience from what he suffered ... Hebrews 5:8

the HE is Jesus ... God created himself as man, he was perfect - sinless ... but even HE had to learn to be obedient.
A wave of relief moved through me yesterday. I know that everyday I learn a little bit more how to be obedient. We must learn ... We have to CHOOSE to be in obedience.
Moreover, the obedience was learned through his suffering. Jesus was a suffering servant. And where did that land him .. on the right hand of His Father. I reflect on my own suffering and can not even begin to image how God will bless me when I align myself with Him in obedience. That excites me.

In my own walk to be more like Christ, it is so helpful to know that there were somethings that He also had to learn - and I also know that while I strive to be more like Christ, I will fall short, but praise to his grace and mercy He will keep picking me up and moving me forward.


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