Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Only Wednesday

This week has been so full of goings on!
Sunday was full, which brought on the start of KidsGames ... which my roll was on the front end and not so much during the event except as support. Connection Pointe Church of Brownsburg is doing a phenomenal job leading the event. They are on a week long Urban Mission Trip with 3 members of Lead Staff, 3 other adults and 18 "youth" 7th and 8th grade students. It is awesome to observe the interactions and love pouring from them. They are staying at a nearby church that can house the group. They spend the day at Brookside, then have various evening excursions. What a blessing! This is a groundbreaking model for KidsGames ... with the hopes of repeating this model city wide next year. YEAH!

Last Night was an entirely different adventure ... I had the opportunity to see the Broadway Musical Wicked. 2 years ago I read the book, so I knew the premise - and in typical fashion the musical is "loosely" based on the book. I am always amazed at the talent of stage actors - live performance is awesome. My sister's husband had secured great seats, some of the best in the house. The interesting turn of events happened when while we were eating dinner (MacNivvens sp?) a Scottish Pub/Eatery ... the rain did not let up. When we got to the show, we (Aaron, Laura, Sarah, Sheri and I) were soaked - dripping wet. There was only one umbrella and our Mother used it. But the show was great and I hope for more opportunities to attend shows with Aaron ... he also let me know not only does he enjoy musicals - but he would like to go to the symphony and not just on the Prairie.

So now it is Wednesday, I am preparing to head to Brookside ... I will be able to assist with the Tie-Dye activity. We are hoping to do this outside - rain please stay away!

From Joel:

Something to Talk About


"Sing praises to the Lord, Who dwells in Zion! Declare among the peoples His doings!"
(Psalm 9:11, AMP)

TODAY'S WORD from Joel and Victoria

God wants to give you something to talk about! He wants to overwhelm you in such a way that everywhere you go, you talk about what God is doing in your life. You tell your friends, your neighbors, your children, your grandchildren about the great things God has done for you!

Are you looking for His goodness? Are you talking about what He’s already done in your life? God never intended for us to just drag through life defeated and discouraged. We aren’t supposed to go around with a negative attitude saying, “I never get any good breaks. I never get promoted. My back has been hurting for three years.” No, we are supposed to declare His Word and watch it come to pass!

I encourage you to choose an attitude of faith today. Start talking about His goodness and be a living testimony of all God has done. If you’ll start living breakthrough–minded, God will show up and give you something to talk about


Father God, thank You for Your goodness and grace. Thank You for blessing me with life today. I choose to have a thankful attitude and to declare Your goodness everywhere I go. Amen.


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sr said...

Go get some wicked broadway tickets for NY while you still can. I heard that they're going to be sold out for the next 10 months.