Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hope - Expectation

Chatting with a dear friend and sister in Christ last night we talked about how there is a fine line between HOPE and EXPECTATION.
My mind continued on the topic this morning in my time with God. I concluded that the line is not so much between Hope and Expectation, but in GOD and MAN.

Anytime we place either of these feelings and emotions in Man we will almost always be let down or disappointed. They are outcome dependent, typically an outcome that we pre-determined to be the correct one. In contrast, when we place our Hope and Expectation in God - we trust and rely on the FACT that God is Good and HE has a perfect plan for us. Regardless of the outcome, we are trusting God - the perfecter and author of us.

Of course last night and this morning I was rolling over in my mind and heart Jeremy. My hope was to have my son with me for many years and the expectation that the medical professionals were all wrong. All of that was in Man. God did so much more. While I miss Jeremy daily, and spend time thinking about what my 5 month old son would be doing. I am utterly amazed at how God has used this opportunity to grow me, mend me, and stretch me beyond anything I (on my own) could have started to imagine - therefore I was not even able to hope or expect.

It simply comes down to where are we placing our hope and expectation ... in MAN or in GOD?


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The Amsler Family said...

I love you...God is faithful...he is working a mighty testimony