Monday, June 15, 2009

HE did it!

God is so good - I think he slowed time for me yesterday. I was able to attend Brookside, make it to Jameson's baptism, and return to Brookside for the coordinators meeting and KidsGames vision training! I was worn out by the time Aaron and I got home - but God was so good in preparing the way for the day. GLORY!

Just got a text from Kim, my Sister-In-Law, this morning ... Stephanie's water broke, so Dean should be arriving today! This will be our 9th nephew ... 12th over all. The girls are seriously out numbered in this family. Nonetheless, Aaron and I will head over tonight.

I must share the devotion from God Calling....
I am planning for you. Wonderful are My Ways beyond your knowledge.
OH! realize My Bounty and My Goodness more and more. The wonder of being lead by ME! The beauty of a guided life!
These will enter your consciousness more and more and bring you ever more and more Joy.
You are very nearly at the point when you shall ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.
You have entered upon a wonderful era - your lives are planned and blessed by ME as never before.
You are overcoming. You are counting all things but loss if you can win ME. And the promises to him that overcometh are truly wonderful, and will always be filled.

Wonderful encouragement ... I have started to set up my workspace, the beading will begin this week. I have so many ideas for jewelry in my head just scratching to get out ....YEAH! That is an answer to prayer. Tentatively, I will have an open house in July .... details to follow.


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