Tuesday, March 24, 2009


from God Calling: 
I am here. Seek not to know the future. Mercifully I veil it from you. Faith is too priceless a possession to be sacrificed in order to purchase knowledge. But Faith itself is based on a knowledge of ME. So remember that this evening time is not to learn the future, not to receive revelation of the Unseen, BUT to gain an intimate knowledge of ME which will teach you all things and be the very foundation of your faith.

WOW - this was my daily reading for today, i never read ahead ... but I marvel how two days ago I was longing to know the future and understand ... this was waiting for me. All I can do is shake my head and chuckle. God is so good. HE continues to strengthen my faith in Him - and continues to build this precious relationship with Jesus, simply amazing! 

Looking ahead, the fam heads south Thursday. We are not technically car-a-van-ing ... but we are traveling on the same route, just various departing times. We will meet up Friday after 4pm in Cape Coral, FL. (North FT Myers) Which is SUPER great, one of my dear friends lives there now (we started teaching together 12 years ago and in 2002 she moved to Florida) I am looking forward to hanging out Friday with her:) Our boat to the Island, North Captiva leaves at 9am. We placed our grocery order today, they will be packed and picked up for us Sat early ... then we will be on our way to relaxation. We will actually be on the island Sat to Sat. I am looking forward to a the beach, the ocean and the sun. TOTAL rejuvenation!

Thank you for continued prayers.


Alicia Burdick said...

I will miss your posts while you're gone.

Have a fabulous time!


Last night, I DID read ahead. Wait till you read today's!!! Have an awesome trip!!