Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is Coming!

Last night/this morning we set our clocks ahead one hour ... we "sprung" forward in observation of Day Light Savings Time. My spring break is 3 weeks away; we will be heading to FLORIDA, North Captiva to be exact. You can only get there by boat ... and I am looking forward to the warm sun. I do enjoy getting tan - I know not a good thing for my skin and I do actually use sunscreen now. I say now, because growing up I NEVER NEVER used sunscreen. But I still like my skin to have color. It is looking rather transparent these days. Aaron, while he does not bask in the sun with me - enjoys the warm weather, going fishing, riding bikes and have quite areas for reflection. It is a true win win! Sometime he will sit next to me on the beach ... me in the sun and he is in the shade. :) It is a sight.

I added a new video/song over on the left - one of my favorites. We sang it last night and I had to go find it as we head into spring. Heading into spring, reminds me that God makes all things new. The song is a WONDERFUL song of worship! I hope you all enjoy it too.

My devotion this morning from GOD CALLING:


The Joy of the Spring shall be yours in full measure. Revel in the earth's joy. Do not you think the Nature is weary too, of her long months of travail? There will come back a wonderful joy, if you share in her joy now. Nature is the embodied Spirit of My Thoughts of beauty for this world. Treat her as such - as truly My servant and messenger, as any saint who has ever lived. To realize this will bring to you both new life-joy. Share her joys and travails, and great blessings will be yours. This is all-important, because it is not only believing certain things about Me that helps and heals, but knowing Me, sensing My Presence in a flower, My message in its beauty and perfume. You can truly live a life not of Earth - a heaven-life here and now. JOY-JOY-JOY!

SPRING - what a time of SHEER BLESSINGS!


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Go Mom Go said...

Have a great day spring dreaming...not much longer and we will all be on the beach!