Friday, March 20, 2009


Wheew - today I realized how things can get very out of control on the web! I have a Gmail account I use for my Beads. Just recently with the new computer I have been using it more, as it is easy to access.  I received a message from "The GMAIL TEAM" and replied. It looked legit - but then few hours later I was flooded with text msg and calls from people that received an "Strange" email from me ... my account had been hijacked. The password was changed and the email was in regards to me being stuck in England, with no id, passport or money. There was a request for money, but no place to send the money ... 
anyway, I was on my way to my sisters and got on her computer and reported it right away. It was fixed very quick and I was able to update my account. 

people are out there that like to cause trouble for those of us minding our own business.


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