Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Video

I posted a new song / video over to the left. 
Yes, it is Miley Cyrus aka:Hannah Montana
I heard the song last week on my sisters iPod and LOVED IT!
It is from her new movie, I think out this Friday.




I'll do you one better on the Miley Cyrus front...Kiley got a hamster for her birthday. Here's the name....Miley Cyrus Marley Durham :=) Gotta love it!!

Sheri said...

Didn't get to listen to the whole thing (short on time) but what I heard is awesome...guess I'll be adding another "Hannah Montana" song to my ipod. Just one right now for my girls. She actually has a nice voice. Thanks for sharing.

Me said...

I actually downloaded the song from Itunes after she sang it on the country music awards on sunday night. It's a great song; who cares if we're miley cyrus fans:) Maggie