Monday, April 6, 2009


We began the journey home Saturday the 4th, now we are home. I did not have an opportunity to post - but wanted to share this from my journal:
Today is Jeremy's 3 month birthday. Three Months. 8 months since we knew to expect a boy. 11 months since we knew we were expecting a baby. What a wild ride. A journey that can only be of God. I pray I have completely surrendered to Him.
From God Calling, 4.4
I am all-powerful and all-knowing and I have all your affairs in My Hands. Divine efficiency as well as Divine Power is being brought to bear on them. All miracle-work is not the work of a moment as so often men imagine. 
My servant Peter was not changed in a flash from a simple fisherman to a great leader and teacher, but through the very time of faithfulness - through the very time of denial - I was yet making him all that he should be. Impetuous spokesman as he always was, ready to lead the other disciples, Peter could never have been the after the power he was, had he not learned his weakness. No man can save, unless he understands the sinner.
The Peter who was a mighty force for Me afterwards, who, more than all others, founded My Church, was not even first the Peter who said, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God," but the Peter who denied Me. He who had tested My forgiveness in his moment of abject remorse, he could best speak of Me as the Savior.
The kingdom of Heaven can only be preached by those who have learned to prize the authority of its Kingdom. A many-sided training My Apostles need. 
Oh! joy. Oh, rejoice. I love you. Not one test too much will I lay on you.

from my daily reading 4.409
With praise and thanksgiving they sang to the Lord: He is good; his love to Israel endures forever  Ezra 3:11
prayer: Lord, I thank you for the solid foundation You have laid for me. Lord, I pray that you will provide for me the opportunities to be a light of your love, joy and peace in the areas that you desire, I pray that you will continue to direct my heart. Create in me a heart that is full of your desire. In your Son's precious name, Jesus. AMEN

I will write and post pictures regarding our trip ... soon:)


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