Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday I wrote in my journal, "FEARS - What do I fear?  CHANGE.  Lord you are/have changed all that is around me. You are changing my heart. Provide the strength needed to follow. I will never be strong enough to do it on my own. "

today from God Calling, just a portion.
Fear and despair and tears come as you stand by the empty Tomb. "They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid Him." 
Rise from your fears and go out into the sunlight to meet ME, your Risen Lord.

When I begin to consider and reflect on all that has changed in and around me over the past year I become curious about the call on my life. HE chose a very direct way to get me to shift gears (which honestly I still feel could have been just as effective in a different manner) BUT I am in a season of change. It is strange and scary - at the same time settling, resting in the knowledge that the Lord has a plan and I trust it completely.

Today I began reading the book of Esther, I really like the story. 
And who knows but that you have come to this royal position for such a time as this? Esther 4:14b
This story is about being positioned to make a huge impact for the kingdom. Esther like Ruth, was willing to serve the Lord. They were obedient and willing. How I pray to be like them.
prayer: Prepare me Lord, for such a time when I can be Your instrument of salvation and deliverance for others.

This has been a week of change. 
We returned from North Captiva, that was my focus for the past 3 months. We are back and life is supposed to return to "normal" except I forget my current normal is not the same normal of my past. Which brings me to thoughts of change, how I am entering into a time of new change - I do not know what that will look like for certain, but I have surrendered my heart and mind to hearing the voice of the Lord to direct. 
Spring open gym started this week - I actually had tears in my eyes as the players arrived, excited to see each other (and me) they a a truly amazing group of young ladies that enjoy playing volleyball as well as enjoy each other. It was very calming. What a blessing. I will have the opportunity to see them 2 times a week through the remainder of the school year - catching up on their lives is awesome. 


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