Thursday, September 4, 2008

Starting Mark

In my daily reading, i am just starting Mark. I read this morning that Mark was written for the non-believer. Which is the reason for so many stories about the miracles and healing found through out the book.  Matthew was great, and I am looking forward to new insights through Mark. 

This week has been good -  the word has been feeding my soul and I am very thankful. The note cards are great, even when I read them during my study hall and sometimes get teary -eyed they are just the nugget needed.

on a side note ... last weekend the Volleyball team ended the loosing streak at Avon. We finished 1-3, better then the last 4 years. looking even brighter, last night we beat a team that we have not beat in 4 years either. That certainly helps my spirit. 

Hope you all have  a great rest of the week ... our Football team heads to Lucas Oil Stadium tomorrow night, the school is buzzing. 


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