Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seeing the Doctor

Monday, Aaron and I visited the Dr again. The Dr i have seen during all previous visits was in surgery, and we could have waited an hour - but elected to see one of the other DR in the practice. He was great. At first I was apprehensive - to have talk with someone that did not know Aaron and I - but he was perfect. Turns out he is on the Ethics Board at the hospital, has a BA in Religious Studies and is Jewish (you know Jesus was jewish). He was easy to talk with and was upfront that this office has not seen a pregnancy with Trisomy 13.

Through our talk, we discussed the type of counselor we would like to talk with, and he hopes to connect us with someone before the end of the week. He did not use the term "not compatible with life" instead, said the out look is Grim. That seemed easier to hear.

He measured me with the tape, he did say I was on the small side, but that was nothing to be overly concerned about. Funny ... I do not feel small. Jeremy posted a 160 heartbeat, which is very good. We also will have a second ultra sound next Tuesday (9am) and then see the DR again on the 22nd. If my DR is again in surgary ... that day I know she is with my sister. My sister is going to be induced that day, at least I will be close!

We are going to start seeing the DR more often, to help track the progress. We are closing in on the 24 week mark, which is huge.

We continue to lean on the Word, friends and family for strength and prayers ...
thank you all !


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ThereseAnn said...

Beth and Aaron,
I wanted to let you know that you will be in our prayers.

There are many FREE online resources, Gemma Bears, FREE photography and other support resources off our PRENATAL support page


AS well as message boards with families who also know this journey.

If I can be of any support, please contact me or any of the families off the LWT13 site. or SOFT USA resources...


ThereseAnn, mom to Natalia full trisomy 13 8 yrs.