Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Prayer Shawl

WOW - is my sister and her friend (my friend as well) Totally cool ..... I have never heard of the Shawl Ministry ... but now I am part of it! This afternoon my sister and her friend "presented" me with a prayer shawl. (Yes, that is me wearing it ) It touched me in so many ways.

First: that they would even think of me. Apparently, before they had communicated about the shawl they were both making arrangements and plans to get a shawl for me.

Second: the colors of the shawl have specific meanings, but of course they are "beth" colors, most of my beaded work will match.Learning more about the shawl, it was created with yarn, prayers and blessings by the members of the Holy Spirit at Geist Shawl Ministry. Included with the shawl, which completely reminds me of Grandma Diehl, is a pamphlet that includes prayers of Blessing, Healing, Comfort and Symbolism.

The symbolism deals with the significance of Three's. There is a 3-stitch seed pattern to represent the Trinity as well as a symbol of planting peace, healing, love, comfort and hope.

The shawl wraps perfectly around my shoulders like a hug - and a concrete reminder of all the prayers around the globe for Aaron, Jeremy and me. What a true blessing - I am still overwhelmed at the out pouring of prayers, and now I have a physical reminder, when I do begin to feel alone. Thank you Sheri ... and Laura. What a truly amazing gift.

To find out more about the shawl ministry:



Sheri said...

Okay - so I managed to give it to you without crying, but after reading your post...I'm crying now. So glad you like it and so glad we were able to give it to you tonight.

Go Mom Go said...

I am surprised no one cried...

Peace to all!

Alicia Burdick said...

I didn't get a chance to tell you last week how your blog totally intertwined with my Sunday School lesson! I find myself drawn to your scripture and personal "meanings of the day" and I wanted to say thanks. I'll be thinking of you today at your Dr. visit.