Saturday, September 27, 2008


It is Saturday, my first weekend with no volleyball (yes we could have practiced, but when I can tell I need a day - how much more do the players!)

My reading at the end of the week has been great. I have entered Acts, and it is so eye opening to read about the early church and the start up of what we all just assume has always been there. Now, for me, with Aaron and starting the Brookside Community Church I have been exposed to Acts before, and I know first hand all the "inside" stuff that goes along with starting a church and maintaining a church. In addition to getting the body, you need to have guidelines, protocol and of course "rules" What is great, all of that can be bible based. God has already provided that plan. GLORY!

But that was just one part of my reading, the other details that spoke to me, have to do with how dependant the followers were in prayer. They made no move with out first praying and often accompanied the prayer with fasting. God moved the church (which is the people , not the building) to change the world, through prayer, fasting and action.

The first scripture that I read, Acts 12:1-7. In this passage, Peter has been imprisoned by Herod, who just put to death James. Herod had every intention to do the same to Peter.
"So Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him" Acts 12:5
The night before Peter was to see Herod, and angel appeared and guided Peter out of the prison and chains. Peter went to the house where many people had gathered, to share this great news - but they did not believe, they thought it was a vision. Finally, he was able to share the story of how God delivered him.

We must always leave the manner and timing of answers to our prayers in God's hands, including the possibility of Gods swift action. If we always assume God will delay, then we have lost perspective. God is not on our timetable, and sometimes HE decides to act even before we expect ... HOW AMAZING!

Just imagine, what we can do with this body, with these prayer warriors - what are we capable of changing. It does say, where two or more agree, in His name it will be done. POWERFUL!

I rest in this knowledge, that we can make a difference in each others lives and provide the support and strength through God, to do anything.

I continue to thank God daily for each of you, the covering of prayers for Aaron, Jeremy and me are like blankets that provide support, strength, hope and faith - God Bless you all.


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