Thursday, February 18, 2010

new adventure

Aaron and I moving into unchartered territory!
We are teaching together ... last night was the first class of the "Brookside Adventure" - aka: the membership class for Brookside Community Church.
The course is broken into 3 phases, each 6 weeks long. We are using a study called "Growing in Christ" - solid biblical truths that impact you regardless of where you are in your walk.
Aaron and I are teaching Phase 1, we had 20 students - PRAISE THE LORD! We also have 10 people going through Phase 2 - it is an amazing adventure to witness how the Lord is moving in the lives of our faithful.
So I have a standing prayer request for Wednesdays: that the Holy Spirit would make His presence known to Aaron and I, that we would be moved out of the way and HE would reach out to our class. Continue to bring those faithful servants to class - without any hinderance and cover the church with His Spirit. In Jesus' name. AMEN!


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