Monday, February 1, 2010

Building the Tabernacle

So in my daily reading ... I am reading through the Bible again this year, and I have gotten to the extremely exciting part when Moses receives the details to build the tabernacle, then the details are written again as the Israelites build the tabernacle.
In all honesty the last time I read through the Bible and got to this portion I skimmed, went through quick - thinking why do we need to know all these details, why are these details shared not once but twice!

3 years later, I have new eyes, new heart and a new level of spiritual knowledge - it is so important! Part of the new me, Aaron and I did a study this past summer titled Worship in the Tabernacle, and we learned about how the Old Testament tabernacle is bright to life in the Nw Testament ... through Jesus and the Body. NEW EYES! NEW UNDERSTANDING!
Today, the words that repeated over and over: THEY MADE ... they, the Israelites, worked together with the gifts, talents, skill and directions from God - they built the tabernacle. Together. A community, a group of people with a common interest - built the tabernacle.
They had received specific instruction on HOW to ... such detail on a "building" imagine how much more detailed the plan is for each of us ...
This weekend during Sunday School (with 5th/6th grade) We talked about when God created the earth, his greatest creation was Humans ... so often I forget that I am important to Him ... more important than the "stuff". And if God is going to provide specific details for building a tabernacle, how much more does he care how each of his children are crafted.
Heavenly Father, I thank you for the details of the tabernacle! AMEN


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