Saturday, July 11, 2009

Guardian Angels ...

From God Calling:
You are Mine. Once I have set My stamp and seal of ownership all My Hosts throng to serve and protect you.
Remember that you are sons and daughters of a King.
Try to picture a bodyguard of My servitors in the Unseen waiting, longing, efficient, to do all that is necessary for your well-being.
Feel this as you go through the day. Feel this and all is well.

So good:) All is well ....

I have successfully organized and cleaned my three spaces at school. Which included bringing home items I was not ready to throw out, but also not to be left at school. Just as we got our office space organized - I load it back up .... just a new project for a rainy day (but not today!) On Thursday I will work with the teacher hired ... I am so excited - she is returning to NC! A long story short - she will be back!:) YEAH! Thursday I will have the opportunity to work with her in the jewelry studio. It can be a bit intimidating - but she will be MARVELOUS!

Today the twins (Lucy and Hannah) are celebrating their 3rd birthday. I can vividly remember waiting at the hospital ... we heard the chimes back to back and cheered. We all knew they had arrived. They are such a hoot now. And so sweet with Jameson, their 9 mo old brother.
Aaron and I will head over after church - rain rain GO away!


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