Sunday, July 19, 2009


What an amazing seminar Aaron and I attended Friday and Saturday!
It was put on by The Arbinger Institute - Titled "The Anatomy of Peace" ... it is a workshop based on the book. We were provided tools to become peacemakers. Although it is not a Christian based organization ... weaved through out you see Jesus. Who was/is the true peacemaker.
The workshop taught how to see people as people and not objects ... sometimes we are not even aware that we treat and see people as objects! We worked on seeing the humanity of people. That includes our friends and family as well as a stranger. Such powerful teaching.

Additionally, the guy who ran this workshop Mike, is the CEO and President of Anazasi .... this is a foundation that helps troubled youth and their families. They work to restore the family relationship. The program has the youth go out on trails, working through the material while also dealing with nature. ( Pretty darn Cool!

Finally, this seminar was held at Brookside Community Church, some of our attendees where able to participate - what a great experience! The seminar was brought to Indy through an outreach that Aaron has worked with: Rebuilding the Wall ... I can not begin to explain how the teaching and lessons impacted me and those around me. WOW is not enough!

Arbinger Institute also wrote: Leadership and Self-Deception - in case you might be looking for enriching books to tackle!

To top it all Aaron and I were able to have very deep way below the surface talks. I love how the Lord continues to pour into each of us and strengthen our marriage.


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Go Mom Go said...

seems like just the right weekend for you and Aaron...
prayers and peace