Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Tradition Continues

Since 1993, I have gone to Union Chapel Cemetery (one of the oldest in Indy) with my Dad (and his American Legion Post) to put flags on all the Veterans Graves. Some of the stones are back to the Civil War. This year was one of the nicest days in our 16 year history. Some years it has been cold, rainy and down right yucky. Today, perfect.

That first year, I was just home my from my freshmen year in college and said okay when my dad asked me to go with him. I had no idea at the time how so many years later it would become something we all expect to do. Section F (the part we are responsible for) was difficult to maneuver and determine where all the veterans were resting in the early years. But now, after so many years, it is like visiting old friends. 
The first year it was just me and my dad ... since then our group has grown, both my sisters and their families. It is really cool. 
Jack, my sisters oldest is 10, opted not to sleep over with a friend Friday because we were doing the flags Saturday. What an awesome tradition - and not to mention an excellent way to remember what we are celebrating on Memorial Day. 

Enjoy the day ... and the weekend.

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