Monday, May 11, 2009

Farewell Dear Friend

Yesterday I said a heartfelt good bye to my dear friend and cat of 12 years. Over the last few months Murphy was getting smaller and less active. He re surged when I changed food 3 months ago. But over the last 2 weeks Aaron and I noticed a major change. He was having trouble getting on the bed, in favorite chairs  and would rest in very random places. Yesterday, he got up to eat in the morning, then went under our bed. When we returned from church, I was able to give him some love (gentle petting), then checked on him through the day - he would turn his head to me, and his brother Foster sat with him too. 
My family was over for Mothers Day Cupcakes (Kate and I made them) we checked on him again - still breathing. After everyone had left about 9 pm we checked on him again. I knew, he was no longer with us. Comforted to know, he was in a house full of love. 
I found Murphy 12 years ago at the Humane Society. He moved in with me to my first apartment and all other places I have lived since that first apartment  ... he was a great cat. Always on the small side, but loved to sit next to you and get loves. 

Below, Murphy is the "big" one of the two in my first apartment. Foster was a new kitten - who is now a BIG cat. We will all miss Murphy, even Aaron  - but rest knowing he had a great life.


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