Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My my ...

Sublime Audacity .... from God Calling
The way is long and weary. It is a weary world. So many today are weary. "Come unto Me ... and I will give you rest." My children, who range yourselves under My flag, you must see that on it are inscribed those words "The Son of Man." Whatever the world is feeling, I must feel, I - the Son of Man. You are My followers - so the weariness of man today must be shared by you - the weary and heavy-laden must come you, and find that rest that you found in ME. 
My children, My followers must be prepared not to sit on my right hands and on My left, but to drink of the cup that I drink of. 
Poor world - teach it that there is only one cure for all its ills - UNION with ME, DARE to suffer, DARE to conquer; be filled with My sublime audacity. Remember that. Claim the unclaimable.
Just what the world would think impossible can always be yours. Remember, My children, SUBLIME AUDACITY.

After reading, I pulled out my dictionary to be certain that I understood sublime and audacity.
SUBLIME: exalted, noble, awe inspiring beauty ... glorious
AUDACITY: daring, bold

MY MY MY ... how I thank the Lord that HE is bold, awe inspiring and glorious ... 2 words that begin to capture God. In a manner my feeble mind can start to understand. The depths of my soul rejoice, I pray that God will continue the good work HE has begun in me. 
I am so thankful that I can understand FINALLY, taking my first steps of obedience that I feel the boldness of the Lord swelling in me. With HIS boldness - I also feel that I have entered a restful peace - casting worries, cares, stresses to Jesus - Trusting that yes, HE will carry me. LORD use me for your will, allow your peace and rest that I have found in you to pour into those that are searching for the same peace. 
LORD, I am anchored in you!


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