Thursday, July 10, 2008

The heartbeat

Tuesday the 8th, we heard the heartbeat of our baby ... again! He (although we do not know for sure yet, Aaron and I always refer to the baby as a He) was moving around quick, the DR had to find him, then he would slip away ... not sure if that means he will be a sneaky guy or not. :)
At 14 weeks, the heartbeat was so fast - but reassuring that my growing belly does indeed have a baby inside. Although I am not exclusively wearing maternity clothes, only a few items from my closet can be worn and still look appropriate. My mother and I are going to go "maternity" clothes shopping Friday the 11th - which is also my Twin nieces 2nd birthday ... Lucy and Hannah. We will celebrate at the Indianapolis Indians baseball game Saturday night. Aaron and I have double duty Saturday, a friend of mine is also getting married earlier that day - hopefully we are not over dressed for the baseball game!

looking ahead, we will have an ultrasound on the 31st of July ... hopefully we will be able to "see or not see" something that day. Because I will be 35 at the time of delivery ( I am still 3 months away from my birthday) I have to go to the hospital for the ultra sound. It does bother me some that for the last 3 months I have been referred to as 35 ... I keep reminding them - NOT YET! :)

on an ending note ...
Last night as Aaron and I were making dinner and my belly was itching from the inside, which I figure is me growing / stretching. So I had Aaron touch my belly - it has been about a week since he touched it ... he was shocked how hard it was - and commented, "you could not suck that in if you tried!" So no, i do not try to suck it in - but I could do with a sign or button that could tell others that yes, I am expecting. At least for a few more weeks until is it VERY obvious!

Grace and Peace to all!

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Haffner Home said...

CONGRATULATIONS! How extremely exciting! You two will be amazing parents. Awesome to feel a bit caught up on all the Shelby-ness via the blog. Thanks for letting us know about it. [Ah]