Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Belvedere

Our stay included dinner both nights at the Belvedere Inn ... we enjoyed the beautiful grounds and a gourmet 4 course dinner each night. Imagine, I found this on line! What is even more wild ... My sisters Brother and Sister in-law had planned this location for their wedding 6 years ago!

The back of the Belvedere, a 7 room B&B.

The front of the Belvedere Inn.

Gotta love the timer ...

From the back porch.

more grounds.

again with the timer ...

We enjoyed both evening dinners and the laid back slow atmosphere provided by Saugatuck. We hope to return next summer ... with a 6 month old - of course!

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Haffner Home said...

Is that a greek god beside the statue in that top picture? [Ah]