Tuesday, July 22, 2008

16 weeks ... and growing

16 weeks - 4 months - 5 to go.
The last few weeks have been much more comfortable then the 3 months prior. Food tastes better, I am not falling asleep talking with Aaron or my sisters ... this is great!

I did have an interesting 3 days at Purdue. We take our players up for Team Camp at Purdue, great volleyball and team building - but HOT HOT HOT!! I actually would take a cold shower between sessions, making an attempt to cool my body. There were 4 other pregnant coaches, all further along then me so I know it was doable.

The maternity clothes are GREAT - so much more comfortable. MY mom and I had a great time and found some very cute items. I am almost ready for school to start. Next week Aaron is going to take the week off and we will attack the nursery ... it will be my final week of summer. We will have to prime the walls, then after the high resolution ultra sound next Thursday ... begin to plan the room colors and all that fun stuff.

Official volleyball start date, August 4th, teacher report day August 11, First Student day Aug 13, first vb match August 14 - Where did the summer go!!!

As we get the baby room together we will post pictures ....


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