Thursday, July 24, 2008

3year Anniversary!

Yesterday Aaron and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. WOW!
Certainly hard to believe it has been 3 years and at the same time only 3 years. We did not do the typical go to dinner ... instead we made a date to meet for breakfast before our day got busy. LePeep is always a good choice:) It was a great start to what became long days for each of us. Next Thursday, when we go for the Ultra Sound we plan to spend the day together ... all 3 meals!

Reviewing the past three years ... many things have changed. The most radical change was a job change for Aaron. Before our first anniversary Aaron, who was a school counselor, took a job in our church. He became the Director of Urban Ministry and is now the Pastor of Brookside Community Church (Indianapolis). Aaron will be ordained Sunday August 3rd. For me, my big change was my name, then I launched my jewelry business last summer (BeadsbyBeth). My BIG change was about 16 weeks ago ... now i am loosing my wedding figure:) We plan to sell the "Lello" (yellow) Jeep in the next few months. That will be a big change, but the jeep certainly is not a family vehicle. I do not think we will move tot he min-van yet ...

In three years our family has also grown ... my younger sister, Sarah ,and husband, Craig, welcomed twin girls 2 years ago (Lucy and Hannah) and are expecting baby #3 in September.( they do not know boy/girl ... and have not shared names) Right around my older sisters birthday. My older sister, Laura, has 4 children,(Jack, Sam, Will, and Kate) and they have only added a dog (Abby) in the past three years. BUT Laura did become an IRONMAN last fall, competing in the Louisville Ironman. Aarons brother, Brian and wife Ronnii welcomed baby #2 this spring Bradan. He is their second, older brother Bryson will be 5 this fall. Aarons oldest sister, Kim, returned to school for a nursing degree, she will be done next summer. Aarons second older sister, Stephanie that owns the salon, celebrated 2 graduations ... her husband, Darrin, from college (just after our wedding) and her oldest son Derrick from high school this spring. Her youngest,Darrin, will start 6th grade in the fall - he is quite an athlete.

Both of our parents are great - and still live in the houses we grew up in ... we are counting on their help when our baby arrives. Finally, my Grandmother Celebrated her 92nd birthday this summer!

Looking over that list - we have MANY things to thank God for ... he is good, all the time!


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