Wednesday, July 30, 2008

17.5 a bump and new hair!

From the side, there is a bump! And the bump is "solid" pretty cool.
At church on Sunday some of the ladies thought I ate too much at breakfast ... ha ha:) Thursday the 31st we have the high resolution ultra sound... is the bump a boy or girl?

Not so sure about the back to school hair color ... but it does make my eyes pop. And Aaron says he likes it ... maybe for the sake of my hormones :)

I stopped by the salon today to set my next appointment and let my stylist know this was a little too dark. I am expecting it to fade - but I hardly recognize myself in the mirror!
It is only hair, it will grow -- even though my mom still thinks of me as her "Blonde" girl. Considering the many years I was Nicen'Easy 104A, extra pale blonde.

We have a big weekend ahead, a wedding on Saturday, Aaron will be ordained on Sunday then Volleyball starts Monday the 4th ... school the following Monday!

Looking forward to the next post regarding the sex of our baby ...

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